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There are plenty of active holiday options in Bellaria Igea Marina. Romagna’s hillsoffer gorgeous settings to explore on foot, by bicycle or even kayak, riding a horse or wearing your snowshoes when the snow covers the mountainside.

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There are plenty of active holiday options in Bellaria Igea Marina. Romagna’s hillsoffer gorgeous settings to explore on foot, by bicycle or even kayak, riding a horse or wearing your snowshoes when the snow covers the mountainside.


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Romagna is a land of cyclists, and that’s not only due to the champions it gifted the cycling world with!
The variety of sceneries that spreads from the sea to the mountains, from the woods to the quaint hamlets, offers a number of itineraries that range from the leisuerly lakeside lanes to the steepest and most challenging uphill legs, from the short-haul stroll lasting a couple of hourse to day-long undertakings.
  • Sea and Hills

    From Bellaria Igea Marina to Cesenatico, on to San Mauro Pascoli and Santarcangelo di Romagna, and back towards Rimini and the beach.

  • Along the Uso River

    Hop on your bike to ride along the trail that develops along the rive Uso up until San Mauro Pascoli, along the Rio Salto and passing by Villa Torlonia. This is a nature-filled itinerary that will take you around sceneries that were dear to Italian author Giovanni Pascoli.

  • Nine Hills

    The setting of a classic cycling race, these hilly 205 kms will put even the fittest cyclists to the test. It can be done in different takes and times or, if you dare, all at once.

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    Explore natural parks and reservoirs, as well as inland hamlets and Romagna’s ancient castles. There are many itineraries to choose from for an active holiday in Bellaria – Igea Marina, and several are the organisations and businesses that organise guided tours of the natural parks, whether in the day-time or under the stars, including visits to the solemn hermitages scattered around the hills. The choice is wide, from family-friendly itinearies to more challenging ones.
  • Road to “Romagna’s Balcony”

    Round-trip tour of Bertinoro, a town known for its culinary specialties and its very own lookout that earned it the nickname “Balcony of Romagna”. On top of this, a stop is planned at the “Terme della Fratta” hot springs.

  • San Bartolo Mountain Park

    A natural park of great appeal that combines the typical beauty of the woods with the breathtaking scenery of the cliffs towering tall from the sea down below, like those in Fiorenzuola di Focara, that features its own beach surrounded by cliffs.

  • In the Uso Valley

    Follow the winding run of of the brook that from the sea by Igea Marina takes you up to Covignano, Santarcangelo di Romagna and all the points of culnary interest that speckle our inner territory.

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    Romagna offers an ideal scenery for horseback strolls to absolute beginners and experienced knights alike. You can contact the local riding clubs and stables to join excursions and guided tours. The trails develop along the often ancient paths and walkways that run among hills, woods and creeks.
  • Montefeltro on a Saddle

    The trails of Sasso Simone e Simoncello Park can be done on the back of a horse too, following the trails that cross woods, maybe all the way to the Carpegna hermitage, with its shrine, which is dedicated to the “Madonna del Faggio” virgin Mary.

  • On the Beach

    During the cold season, several riding clubs and associations organise horseback strolls along the sea. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the regenerating scent of the sea breeze while high up on a saddle.

  • Heading to Valmarecchia

    Verucchio and Montebello, San Leo, San Marino… There are plenty of castles and villages to reach by horse, stopping by the riding schools and farm holiday resorts in the area, tasting typical local cuisine while enjoying the hilly landscape.

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    Experiencing active holidays in Bellaria – Igea Marina also means diving into water sports! From Lake Ridracoli to the salty water bodies around Ravenna to the sailing and windsurfing centres, there is no shortage of sporting and recreational activities. The slow-paced kayaking trips on the ponds and along the river outlets offer an opportunity to discover the unique flora and fauna of this ecosystem set in the twilight zone between land and water.
  • Seafarers Only

    Bellaria-Igea Marina’s “Circolo Velico” sailing club is available to organise sailing courses , rent out boats and boards, and provide any useful information to sea-lovers.

  • Faring across the Salina

    During the warm season it is possible to sail Milano Marittima’s emissary channel on kayak or canoe and cross the Salina’s body of water, gazing at the local animals and enjoying the moonlight during the night-time trips.

  • Ridracoli and the Beauty of Nature

    It is possible to cross Lake Ridracoli on board an electric ferryboat, but the canoe ride is much more enthralling. Rowing along on the green and light blue waves you can appreciate natural sights of a rare beauty that you can only spot from the water.

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