Your Beach

Out of the combination of six beach lots in the central area of Bellaria, from39 to 44, the seaside resort Pepita Beach was born. This is the ideal solution for those seeking cutting-edge services, which can meet anyone’s needs, along with Romagnola Riviera’s typical warm and homey hospitality. This ambitious idea originates from the resolution to provide each and every guest with a tailor-made holiday, thanks to the several services offered on these six beaches. The end goal is to revamp Bellaria-Igea Marina’s beautiful coastline, which has been too often overshadowed by the nearby towns of Rimini and Cesenatico.

What We Offer

Our services aim at meeting everyone’s tastes, with a special eye for our four-legged furry friends. Pepita Beach, is indeed a dog friendly beach in Bellaria, where all dogs will be able to have fun along with their masters and spend unforgettable afternoons between beach and sea. Wellness lovers will, instead, take advantage of many courses and activities on the beach, such as yoga, pilates, meditation and foot reflexology. As for the younger ones, there will be enterntainment and fun programmes available, like group dancing and team games that will fill their holiday with fun, while parents chill on comfortable sunbeds in our resort.

Viale C. Colombo, 47814 Bellaria Centro (RN)


+39 0541 344746 - +39 347 6826020