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24 hours in Romagna

24 hours in Romagna

From the seaside to the mountains, short trip in a charming hinterland

Full immersion between the attractions of Romagna: from the beach of Bellaria to the hills of Santarcangelo and Verucchio, then back to the seaside. A route to take by car or by bike, to catch in just one day all the nuances of a multifaceted land.
Bellaria – Santarcangelo – Verucchio – Rimini

Departure from Bellaria with predisposition of the route and possible bike rental.

The first stop of the day is Santarcangelo di Romagna.


Santarcangelo is almost an epitome of the Romagna villages: its nice city center, characterized by the silhouette of its bell tower, gathers history, culture, typical restaurants and deli shops such as the Collina dei Poeti, where to taste the excellent wine and land specialties. The past of this town still lives in such entities as Stamperia Marchi, where since the 17th century the typical pinafores and dishrags printed on canvas are created, and the tuff caves.


The second stop is Poggio Torriana, with one of the few remaining Romagna mills: Mulino Sapignoli is now a museum you can visit to learn about the ancient method to transform corn into flour.
Then we go to Villa Verucchio, with lunch at Tenuta Amalia, hosting two restaurants (Ro’ e Buni’ and ‘e Croin’) and a winery, the prestigious Cantina della Gea. In Verucchio you can also visit the ancient Rocca Malatestiana and the Archaeological Museum, in a journey from the ancient Villanovan-Etruscan civilization to the Middle Ages and the roots of the Malatesta dynasty.

Bellaria – Santarcangelo – Verucchio – Rimini
  • The last stop takes us back to the seaside, in Rimini, by crossing the ancient Tiberius bridge up to the colorful houses of Borgo San Giuliano, the old fishermen village of Rimini, ornated with graffitis linked to the aesthetics of Federico Fellini.Bellaria – Igea Marina –> 14 km –> Santarcangelo di Romagna –> 11 km –> Poggio Torriana –> 6,5 km –> Villa Verucchio –> 15 km –> Rimini