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Land of saints, poets and… gourmands

Land of saints, poets and… gourmands

The Romagna of art and savoir-vivre

A flush tour to discover the nicest places of Romagna, across the lives of the people that have linked their names to it. Art and literature, history and haute cuisine: Romagna’s grandeur is really multifaceted, like a varied, choral mosaic such as the ones that ornate the Ravenna basilicas.
Forlì and Forlimpopoli

Departure from Bellaria to reach Forlì and admire its city center, suspended between the Middle Ages and the rationalism of the 20th century. Visit to the basilica of San Mercuriale and the wondrous Musei San Domenico before going to Forlimpopoli, hometown to Pellegrino Artusi, where you can give yourself a cuisine workshop and a promenade downtown.

Bellaria – Igea Marina –> 43 km –> Forlì –> 9 km –> Forlimpopoli –> 33 km –> Bellaria – Igea Marina


Ravenna, byzantine town, but not only that: from the Roman mosaics of the Domus of the Stone Carpets, to the Rasponi  Crypt, the city offers much more. Here rests Dante, and the Franciscan cloisters near his tomb are the seat of the Museo Dantesco of Ravenna.
On the way back you will enjoy the catering of Azienda Agricola Sbarzaglia, in the Ravenna countryside.

Bellaria – Igea Marina –> 39 km –> Ravenna


The small town of Brisighella, whose skyline is characterized by three rocky pinnacles surmounted by towers, is a gem set in the mountain chalk. After a promenade across the typical Ass Route, you can explore the Parco della Vena del Gesso and its caves.

Bellaria – Igea Marina –> 72 km –>  Brisighella

San Martino and Montecolombo

San Marino, ancient republic set high on Mount Titano, offers visitors a superb view: its tower and square looking out to a panorama stretching from the slopes of the mountain to the coastline. Getting back on to the plain, you can visit the villages of Montegridolfo and Saludecio, with a break to taste wine at Azienda Agricola Fiammetta.

Bellaria – Igea Marina –> 35 km –>  San Marino –> 38 km –> Montegridolfo –> 4 km –> Saludecio –> 50 km–> Bellaria – Igea Marina

Pesaro and Urbino

Two cities, both cradles of two great artists: Gioachino Rossini, born in Pesaro, and Raffaello Sanzio, born in Urbino. Their birth house are still accessible and they represent only part of the city’s attractions: Urbino, treasure of art and Renaissance architecture, and Pesaro, elegant seaside lounge.

Bellaria – Igea Marina –> 57 km –> Pesaro –> 37 km –> Urbino –> 80 km–> Bellaria – Igea Marina