taverna da bruno
taverna da bruno

The Three Pillars of Well Being

Since 1993, here at restaurant “da Bruno” we strive to provide our clients with a culinary experiene that’s based on three foundamental pillars. First and foremost, we place our utmost respect for the client, who is considered by all accounts a member of our family. As an example of this, we offer gluten-free and vegan options in order to meet any client’s needs and have them feel at ease. The genuine authenticity of our dishes, which are prepared with high quality ingredients, is the second reason why our gluten-free restaurant in Bellaria is so special. Last but not least, a key role is played by our own determination to stay up-to-date and fuse traditional cuisine with more contemporary flavours and colours, in order to keep up with the times, with a constant eye on the lovely Romagnola cuisine.

What We Offer

Aside from a scrumptious Romagna-insipired menu, our offer features an ample variety of gluten-free and vegan options, aimed at satisfying everyone’s tastes and needs. We also double as a pizzeria and, thanks to the savvy hands of our pizza-maker Matteo, we delight our clients’ mouths with delicious creative-style pizzas. We also use dough based on kamut (khorasan wheat), spelt, hemp, turmeric, ginger, charcoal, chicory and gluten free. On top of this, our celiac guests will find a small shop next to the restaurant, called SG shop, where they’ll find dozens of products suitable for their needs.

Viale Panzini, 150 - 47814, Bellaria Igea Marina, (RN)


+39 0541 344556 - +39 339 2739476