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Wine, cheese and truffle

Wine, cheese and truffle

Tour of the wine and food excellences of Romagna

Romagna is a land of vines and intensive flavors: piadina, pit cheese, truffle, but also honey, squacquerone and caramelized figs. In 3 days we will visit the best farm companies and the towns of the most authentic specialties, in a journey from Bellaria on, to  the delight of your eyes and palate.
San Giovanni in Marignano and Mondiano

San Giovanni in Marignano is a small village, known for its wealth as the “Malatesta granary”; and still nowadays at Tenuta del Monsignore you can taste such delicacies as wine, oil and honey. In the tiny, as gracious Mondaino, you can visit the Mulino della Porta di Sotto, listening to the stories of the village, narrated by the guides in costume and tasting such specialties as locally refined cheese, wine, compotes and charcuterie.

Bellaria – Igea Marina à 37 km à San Giovanni in Marignano –> 18 km –> Mondaino à 45 km à  Bellaria – Igea Marina

Roncofreddo, Talamello and Sant’Agata Feltria

Start in the sign of wine with Villa Venti farm in Roncofreddo, to taste its wines. Then visit to the Locanda dell’Ambra of Talamello, situated in the ancient village castle, where to taste pit cheese and the excellent recipes of which it is the absolute protagonist. Then we head for Sant’Agata Feltria, which together with its fairy city center studded with fountains and the Fortezza delle Fiabe has another undisputed protagonist: truffle!

Bellaria – Igea Marina à 37 km à Roncofreddo –> 30 km –> Talamello –> 12 km –> Sant’Agata Feltria à 51 km à Bellaria – Igea Marina

San Mauro Pascoli and Poggio Torriana

Start of the day in San Mauro Pascoli, with some of the landmarks of the life of Giovanni Pascoli: Villa Torlonia, manor that was the scene to poem “La cavallina storna”, and the poet’s birth house, today a museum. After a lavish lunch at “Da Pinzoun”’s, we head for Poggio Torriana; stop at the ancient Sanctuary of Madonna di Saiano and then guided tastings at the cellar, restaurant and manor Tenuta Saiano.

Bellaria – Igea Marinaà 9 km à San Mauro Pascoli –> 18 km –> Poggio Torriana à 22 km à Bellaria – Igea Marina